I chose Jamal as the archetypical dissident for this tier because he gave the ultimate sacrifice. Jamal gave his life to share the truth. For anyone willing to participate in this tier, I am willing to give my life, or at least an hour of it, to them. Thank you for your support.

This plan includes:

  • Access to the podcast episodes.
  • Minimum of 4 episodes per month
  • 1 Q&A Episode per month
  • No advertisements.
  • Early announcement of NFT drops.
  • Early announcements of Merchandize drops
  • 20% discount to the Merchandize
  • 1 hour call with Sky King

Where will the money go?

Sky King's Mental Playground is a subsidiary of Modern Stoa Limited. This means it is a for-profit company. We believe building for-profit media business models that can actually result in more sincerity in media. With that being said, we are really on a mission here. The role of my life is to build systems that increase the opportunity for media incentives that lead to outcomes that a society would benefit from. This includes knowledge, love, freedom, truth, critical thought and more.

With that in mind we are going to be taking 25% of all the revenue and using that outside of the company. We will be sharing these numbers publicly and the paying listeners will have the opportunity to participate in some of this decision making.

  • 20% of all revenue will be used to angel invest or give grants to disruptive and innovative media companies who are trying to create business models around media that do not include the use of advertisements. When we become large enough I want this to look similar to the Thiel Fellowship.
  • 5% of all revenue will go to a different non-profit organization each quarter. There will be opportunities for the audience to participate in the selection process of these not for profits.

The rest of the revenue will go to paying the operating expenses, upgrading the quality, paying the team, growing the show, and paying myself.