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It isn’t. We have a three-day free trial if you want to listen to a specific guest, but no, it isn’t free. I know this creates friction. I know this feels super annoying to you. I know you probably won’t listen. I accept that. I believe this podcast is worth paying for, but more than that, I believe media shouldn’t be free. Because it isn’t, listening to your favorite podcasts isn’t free. You aren’t feeling the cost burden, but the true customer of that podcast is paying for it. And that isn’t you. You are the product. This isn't good. This is how we end up with outcomes we don’t want. This is how the liberal media got trump elected, this is how we off label marketed a drug to millions of people. Subscriptions suck. We aren’t going to beat Facebook with Supercast. Advertising won this battle. But until we build new technologies, this is the best option I have available. If you are still here, I would love your subscription. Welcome to Sky King’s Mental Playground.
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About Sky King's Mental Playground

Propaganda, Art, Health, Regenerative Systems, Great Food, Economic Incentives, and building companies in an increasingly digital world. 

All of these concepts live in the balance of centralized and decentralized systems. I believe that if we are not careful, we will watch the pendulum swing away from self-governance, and in that swing, we have the opportunity to lose the future of humanity to the dark side. 

These are the concepts that own my mind space. This podcast is an opportunity to play with these ideas with world leaders, entrepreneurs, my homies, and people that I find generally exciting or entertaining. 

It is called a playground for a reason. This podcast will be as fun as it is informative; we are tackling society's most pervasive issues, but in a way that we are undoubtedly going to fuck up, scribble on, and get hurt. 

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